Dario Betti

ux and interaction designer, architetto dell'informazione
Comitato consultivo

Since the early beginning, my educational and professional pathway followed two directions. Somehow, I have two identities.

On one hand I studied humanities (“Liceo Classico” – Gymnasium and university course in philosophy); on the other hand I experienced the entire golden age of personal computing  (I started studying Basic on a CP/M workstation when I was 11) and then of mobile computing (in 1999 I bought a Palm PDA and later a Treo 180, perhaps the first mass-market smartphone).
I’ve been working in IT playground since 1996, first as systems engineer and then as developer and web project manager, mostly for banks and public bodies.
In 2006 I had an amazing involvement reading the “Polar bear” book, the information architecture bible. The year after, I gained another fundamental source of inspiration attending the first Italian summer school on agile development.
Since then I was able to reconcile my identities and devote my life entirely to the information design, widening then to interaction design and later to the UX and service design, always trying to adopt agile mindset and techniques.
In the last six years I have been working as product owner and UX designer at the R&D department of the third Italian ICT player in health. I’ve been working on a daily basis side-by-side with PhDs and researchers, involved in innovation projects to discover users needs and habits and to design cross-channel experiences in real life of health professionals, elderly people, patients and their families.
I really love to play as users advocate and as mediator, talking to business people, developers and all the stakeholders involved. In both professional and personal life my favorite motto is “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” (Maxwell, 2013).
I’m a founding member of Architecta (Italian Society for Information Architecture and Dolomiti UX Book Club.