Emanuele Quintarelli

Comitato consultivo

Emanuele spent the last 15 years as a manager, thought-leader, researcher, analyst and blogger on the adoption of collaborative approaches by large organizations in order to increase their productivity, efficiency, responsiveness and innovation potential.

Coauthor of the books The Social Business Manifesto and Marketing 2.0 for HBR, Community Management for Apogeo, Intranet 2.0 for Hoepli, Web 2.0 for IlSole24Ore, Emanuele has published articles on change management, community cultivation, Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM strategies, the socialization of business processes for some of the major professional magazines in Italy.

Often invited as a speaker and chairman, he has given presentations at the SocialNow Lisbon, the Social Media in the Large Enterprise, the Social Media World Forum and the Social Business Strategy Summit London, the Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris & Frankfurt, the Enterprise 2.0 Conference IDC, the EURO IA Berlin, the IA Summit Las Vegas and many local events on Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business.

Emanuele also launched (1st hub for web 2.0 startups in Italy), the Italian Architecture Summit, the Web 2.0 & Beyond Conference, International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 & the Social Business Forum.

Particularly interested in innovative Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, Social Business projects and user centred design methodologies, processes and tools.

Since 2007, Emanuele has been covering these topics on Social Enterprise (